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With StopClics you can avoid thousands of fraudulent clicks on your Google Ads. Try it for free and start saving money.


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Proactive Defense

Real-time click detection that blocks visitor access to our website and collects their identifying data

Unfair Competition

Unique click filter system per device, to avoid clicks from different IPs with the same mobile or tablet

Free App

Download our free App and control all the fraudulent traffic on your website from your mobile and anywhere.

About StopClics

Faced with the malpractice of some competitors to try to remove our ads and exhaust our budget, StopClics was born.
We are the only company in the market specialized in the control and prevention of invalid clicks in your Google Ads campaigns.

Stopclics is a certified company and recognized as a Google Partner

  • Fraudulent clicks detected by our system 78% 78%
  • Clicks detected by other systems 45% 45%

Invalid Traffic Tracking Specialists

We block the access of the devices that continuously and suspiciously access your website and we will show you a warning with all your identifying information.

We offer you our control panel with extensive information on access to your website and the most important visitor data, as well as recurrence, locations, devices.
Our intelligent tracking system is responsible for automatically blocking devices and IPs. We generate reports with all suspicious activity to ask Google for a refund.

Choose the perfect plan

You have 7 days totally free for you to try our system, without credit cards or commitment to stay. Once the trial period has elapsed, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

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